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NOx reduction systems for Euro 5 diesel vehicles

Driving bans on diesel cars have been in force in German cities such as Hamburg, Stuttgart and Darmstadt for several months. Many more cities and local authorities are in the process of enacting regulations that will soon restrict the use of diesel vehicles, including those compliant with Euro 5.

Widespread driving bans on diesel vehicles are the result of legislation in Germany regulating air-quality standards and peak emissions (39. BImSchV) (39th Federal Emissions Protection Act). This directive is intended to ensure air pollution does not exceed the nitrogen oxide emissions limit of 40 micrograms per cubic metre of ambient air set by the European Union, and is based on local measurements of nitrogen oxide emissions. Cities and communities that exceed the EU limit can resort to a number of measures, including various forms of driving bans on diesel vehicles.

It is possible to completely avoid diesel driving bans in Germany by retrofitting diesel cars with the new dr pley by bosal SCR technology. Suitably retrofitted vehicles are permanently exempt from driving bans from the day of installation. There is no need for a change to the emissions standard, merely an additional mention in the vehicle documentation.

As it currently stands, major vehicle manufacturers are prepared to provide financial support for such retrofitting. For further information, see the websites of the individual manufacturers.

For further information and inquiries about our retrofit solution please use our contact form.


Protecting the environment

The SCR system developed by Dr Pley SCR Technology GmbH and produced and sold by Bosal Retrofit GmbH is suitable for upgrading the hardware of diesel cars compliant with Euro 5 (SCR stands for Selective Catalyst Reduction). It fulfils all the requirements of the new retrofitting guideline for exemption from driving bans.The system is TÜV tested and certified with a homologation (ABE) from the German Federal Motor Vehicle Authority (KBA).

The SCR system reduces the harmful nitrogen-oxide emissions (NOx) produced by the combustion process in diesel engines using a targeted and precisely timed injection of AdBlue®, a liquid for the aftertreatment of exhaust gases. It reduces the NOx in a car’s exhaust by up to 80 percent, meaning retrofitted diesel vehicles comply with the stipulated maximum figure of 270 micrograms of NOx per cubic metre and can thus be fully exempted from diesel driving bans.

Diesel Nachrüstungs-Kit dr pley by bosal

The main part of the retrofit involves the installation of a control unit, an SCR catalyst and hydrolysis device as well as an AdBlue® tank and a number of sensors. The installation takes around three hours at an approved dealer or service centre and costs an average of 3,000 to 3,600 euros. Following successful installation, the retrofit system is certified and added to the vehicle documentation. There is no need for a new environment sticker.

Cars Suitable for Retrofitting

The dr pley by bosal retrofit kit is initially available for selected vehicle manufacturers and models. The first systems to come to market are for Volvo and Mercedes-Benz. Further applications for other vehicle makers are currently in preparation.

Our currently available product solutions:



Volvo XC60 / XC70 / S60 / V60 / V70



Mercedes C- und E-Klassen 220d und 250d sowie GLK


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We are working on making SCR systems available for all vehicle makes and models. However, our range is currently limited to models by Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

As a representative of dealers and workshops as well as a diesel car owner, you can inquire about our retrofit kit via our online form. We will deal with your enquiry as soon as possible.

Furthermore, representatives of dealers and workshops can access further information and kit supply details by contacting our Workshop Service team at Bosal Retrofit GmbH in Viersen, Germany.

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dr pley and bosal: Experienced Aftermarket Partners

Dr Pley SCR Technology GmbH and Bosal Retrofit GmbH are two experienced partners in the development, production and sale of retrofit diesel SCR systems. The technical solution was developed by Dr Pley, while Bosal Retrofit GmbH is handling production and sales in Germany.
The team of specialists at Dr Pley SCR Technology has been working for more than 15 years on technical solutions for reducing the pollutant emissions resulting from combustion processes.

Dutch automotive OE supplier Bosal operates worldwide with four research and development centres, ten production facilities and 12 sales centres. The group produces and sells exhaust systems, exhaust aftertreatment components, towbars, jacks, seat frames, air tanks and energy converters such as industrial heat exchangers to the very highest quality standards and in high volumes.

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